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Optimising a product for manufacture and test is vital to achieve in-built quality and a commercially successful outcome. At SRX, we provide advice on the most suitable manufacturing strategy and the right test solution, as these are key requirements for a 'right-first-time' product design.

We work closely with our customers from the product concept stage to ensure:


Using tools such as Valor MSS SRX's Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review process aims to identify potential issues which could impact adversely on the cost, manufacturability and time-to-market of new products. The reviews, which are conducted at schematic, BOM (Bill of Materials), printed circuit board (PCB) layout, prototype, pilot run and pre-production phases, focus on: 

Component selection: commonality, package type, availability, lead times, cost, alternatives and customer preferences;

Process consideration: temperature sensitivity, auto placeability, component markings, gluing or wave soldering, minimum process types and flip flop panelisation;

Printed circuit board layout: minimised inter package spacing, component orientation, primary and secondary sides, solder thieves, auto and hand insertion hole sizes and land pattern designs;

Printed circuit board selection: material specifications, surface finishes, component legends, panelisation, tooling strips and holes and fiducial marks.

SRX supports our customers in effective product management by early engagement to understand their needs, ensuring the right decision input around those needs and ensuring the company has the capability to effectively produce the product.


SRX's Design for Test (DFT) process aims to develop an optimum test strategy which will ensure that an effective and efficient test routine is incorporated at the early stages of product design.

The early detection of any potential issues relating to component and process defects is also an objective of this process.  Upfront consideration of these issues will reduce cost and eliminate inefficiency prior to commencement of full-scale production.

Many factors affect the selection of the optimum set of test methodologies, including the product group/technology, product volume, product life, reliability requirements, development cost and pay back.  SRX's highly skilled engineering team will assist you with the determination of the most appropriate test methodologies for any product.