SRX Global


SRX has extensive experience across the full range of supply chain management from forecasting, planning, procurement and strategic sourcing to inventory management and distribution.

Successful supply chain management is a key differentiator for SRX achieved through:

These aims are supported by: 

SRX also uses tools such as SiliconExpert to search millions of components (semiconductors, passives and electromechanical parts) for cross references, lifecycle, parametric, obsolescence forecasts, environmental compliance and inventory data.

Centralised Procurement Office

With a Centralised Procurement Office (CPO) based in Penang (Malaysia), SRX has a large team of experienced buyers with networks developed to facilitate global searches for even the most obscure components.

In addition to the CPO each manufacturing facility is supported by its own dedicated procurement specialists who focus on the local supply chain, particularly for metal work and plastics.