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SRXGlobal Electronics Manufacturing Services


SRX provide superior quality electronic manufacturing for high-technology customers through all phases of their product’s life cycle.

SRX meets your electronic manufacturing needs from prototype development through to high-volume production. Using the latest technology, SRX is a leader in the fast-paced electronic manufacturing marketplace for small, medium or high-volume electronic manufacturing.

We have the ability to mount components down to 0201 through SMT automation and our electronic manufacturing team offers customers complete solutions from concept to volume in printed circuit board assembly. At SRX, our approach to development enables customers to launch their products on-time and to specification. Our electronic manufacturing team’s focus is value-engineering for optimal life which serves customers in various industries.

At SRX, we can provide our customers with what we believe is one of the most technically advanced placement capabilities in the marketplace. We have many years of experience in the demands of fine pitch placement and BGA technology. To support mixed technology boards, we also have substantial automatic insertion capability for through-hole components.  We offer a full-assembly service for complete box build, fully-tested, configured and packed in OEM's branded packaging with direct shipping to the end user.

SRX has an established electronic manufacturing arm that includes a skilled labour force coupled with vast state-of-the-art equipment. It manufactures designs incorporating the full range of printed circuit board process options.

Manufacturing layouts in all SRX plants have been designed with optimum flexibility in mind – with the result that short or medium-volume box-build lines may be erected and dismantled in a matter of hours in response to volatility in customer demand.

SRX operates a cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System which provides full component traceability, shop floor control and routing and SMT line control and tracking.  SRX is committed to being responsive, flexible and a technological leader in order to exceed our customers’ delivery, quality and service expectations. 


Within its network of electronic manufacturing plants, SRX has various Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines. Whether you need simple PTH industrial Printed Circuit Boards or sophisticated engine management systems for high performance vehicles, SRX has the ability to incorporate components as small as 0201 or with 0.15mm min lead pitch. BGA, uBGA and QFP packages are routinely placed in current customer products and placement accuracy verified with X-ray equipment and ERSA scopes. SRX’s business model is structured to electronic manufacturing for high-technology customers through all phases of their products’ life cycle.

The company’s highly skilled electronic engineers ensure high levels of quality are achieved on finished products by adopting a range of supplementary process engineering and printed circuit board manufacturing techniques such as lead-free selective soldering, intrusive soldering and adhesive printing. At SRX, we understand the drive to miniature components in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.