SRX Global


SRX’s New Product Introduction (NPI) process is centred on a rigorous yet flexible process flow. Throughout the process, our dedicated engineers and supply chain experts ensure that any problems generated during NPI are fully addressed before committing to volume production.

SRX can assist you to achieve shorter time-to-market cycles on new products and provide on-going support when unforseen issues arise whether the project is a full box build or PCBA only.  
SRX’s methodology is clearly defined to meet diverse customer needs and represents an optimisation of standard process management techniques established through years of project development experience. The company’s New Product Introduction (NPI) services, include the following:

The accelerating pace of technological change and the volatility of market behaviour have shortened the window of profit opportunity for many OEMs operating across a wide range of industries. Delays in new product introduction, or an inability to ramp-up production volume as sales increase, can constrain the profitability of innovative OEMs. Such risks, when combined with the inherently high costs of new product development, can be mitigated by selecting an experienced partner, such as SRX.